Practical Skills Class

The Garden before and after .

This year saw myself and my partner and his son change the front garden from plane grass to something a little more colourful. After making a couple of drawings we all decided on the above shape. As you can imagine there was and will be hard work involved changing it from the plane green mass we had. By using a stick and a piece of sting and a tape measure, we got the centre of the garden. We the marked this out and proceeded to take the turf off and dig the garden over, (this took about a month by hand). After digging over the garden i then started planting with flowers which i hoped would attract the wild life such as bees and butterflies. Using not only shrubs but perennials and climbing plants which will hopefully cover the fences eventually , we created a garden to smile about.

Over the summer months being able to sit and watch the glorious colours from the flowers opening one by one it really inspired me to create a piece of art which would make me smile . This is how the piece photosynthesis=Beauty  came about. I have now completed this piece and it really has worked well using my knitting ,painting and crochet skills to create this colourful piece. I hope you enjoy looking at it .

Photosynthesis = Beauty

The following is a piece i’m working on for my practical class in college. I’m using my skills i have learnt as a crafter to create a canvas with a difference.

Using my knitting and crochet techniques i have created  flowers and mandalas to  represent the flowers i see when my garden in is bloom.

Hopefully the piece will show my love of flowers and nature.

My inspiration comes from my garden which i have planted full this year of flowering plant which, will attract wild life such as bees,butterflies and all sorts of insects. As an artist as well as a gardener i have tried to create a habitat which will suit insects etc., as we need these species to live and breath as they are pollinators.

The following is a few photo’s of inspiration and also the work as it happens. I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as i do !!!!!!!!!!!

Keep your eyes peeled for the next update as you might like it thanks for reading this . !!!!!!


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