A painting with a difference

The following believe it or not will eventually become a painting for an exhibition called Elevation of the mundane, which myself and fellow students are working on for college. this element i am working on will be attached to the painting  to create a more 3D look to it. So far what i have used is working well and i now cant wait to c the whole piece finished . As the piece progresses i will be adding more pictures of my progress. img_20161004_175240 img_20161004_175245 img_20161004_175301 img_20161004_175310 img_20161004_175314

Keep coming back and you will c this piece come to life via more updates and pictures thank you for reading.


the start of a textile landscape

img_20161006_194558 img_20161006_194608 img_20161006_203926 img_20161006_204104

This year i am going to work more on textiles as i enjoy using them so much. i have started this piece and so far so good . templates have worked well i need to cut wadding out for part of it to make the mountains more prominent and i have to also sew all together . Once these steps are complete i will be framing the piece and starting another .

The materials i have used are up cycled from a local charity shop so not only am i recycling old clothing but the money goes to a good cause.  I have also used material i have been given. I intend on also having detail sewn in using not only  embroidery but also from a sewing machine.

Next steps will follow so keep an eye out for them !!

After finishing the piece i have noticed that it is really dark and i will be adding some more to it before i can say it is finished. Using an embroidery hoop and skeins i have added detail the the background and i have also added wadding to the area where the mountains are to create a more 3D look. I will be adding more reflections with embroidery skeins to the water area at the front and also the land area at the front to brighten the whole thing up, hopefully this will give it more life and wont make it seem so dark. taking some time to complete however hopefully it will be worth it.

Every piece of material is actually an up-cycled item i have bought from charity shops or have been given or saved over the last few yrs. I think this is the best way to go and i’m helping to look after the planet in my own if very small way. Re-purposing items is such good fun and it helps you to think out the box on how you can use the items you have chosen.

keep watching my posts as they change all the time !!!!!

I really hope you are enjoying what i am doing all comments welcome.