Winter Sunrise

The following piece is for Inchmore gallery . I have loved the early morning winter sunrises for many years as they are pretty spectacular where i live. The highlands are an amazing  and beautiful place and this piece is to show this off, and to show why it should be preserved for many years to come.

i have used hand felting and embroidery to create the image. I then finally used a sewing machine attached a back to the piece to hide all the ruff ends.

The whole process took a few days and i’m really chuffed with the finished piece.


New Year , New Course

Back to college.

Finally after a very long year out i’m back at college the attain my BAH Degree in Contemporary and Contextualized Art Practice.

This year i will be improving my work refining it more and trying out different techniques.

the following pieces of writing will let ya know what i’m up to :


Artist Statement


Over many years of study, I am now at a point where I think I can make what I visualize become a reality. I intend to refine what I have already learned and practiced. I intend on continuing to try and create work which will help to teach others on important subjects, such as the one I will be using which is the environment in which we live.

By using such technique’s as painting, printing, sewing and textile works to create images which I have used so much in the past and will do in the future, I will try and recreate these views. The pieces I have in mind will involve a lot of different materials such as old clothes from charity shops which I will upcycle and repurpose. I think that this is a good way to help with the prevention of such things as rubbish pits. I have always recycled and will continue to do so. By giving such materials as textiles a new reason for being this, I think helps to protect the environment, and also give a new look on the material chosen. I have been sewing and knitting for many years and being able to use this in my work is a dream. Creating new from old.

This subject is close to my heart and I have used it for the last four years to represent different things which are in my life, from health problems which are unseen to the protection and conservation which will be my next step. We have as a human collective not always followed the rules and now the planet is suffering for it, animals have become extinct, areas of land have been destroyed, wildlife habitats have been taken away and not replaced quickly enough.

If I can even with my small part, help to make people understand that the whole environment is a wonderful gift we have been given, we should look after it, we should take care of it and we should make sure that we do not make the matter worse. Global warming is there and it has occurred due to humans not always realizing that, not upcycling or recycling will have a large impact and will destroy what we have been given. Yes, being able to progress into the future is a good thing, however, how we do this, is what is on my mind if it just means putting a recycled cup into the right bin or getting scientists to discover new products that do what we ask of it, for our busy hectic lives, then should this not be the way to go forward, rather than destroying all the good work that has already been done in conserving the planet as a whole? This will be the question I will be working on this next stage of my learning, and I will be hoping to help inform people about, what should be changed, and hopefully how to change things no matter how small.




This year I propose to not only use my painting skills I have attained but also to incorporate mixed media, to the finished pieces of work. I am intending to use textiles more and to have the pieces made from textiles and adding wadding to the back of the pieces will in affect create a padded piece of art. The theme of my work will be on Nature as a whole and show how you can enjoy nature to its fullest. It will show the viewer that Nature and the preservation of it is essential, to living and breathing and survival of the Human race, and the survival of our natural wildlife heritage as a whole.

The pieces of work I will be making will show landscapes, hopefully seascapes etc., and also how wildlife relies on our landscapes for survival, I hope to include information from charities who conserve the land that we live in, to give the wildlife a better chance of survival. There are many specie’s of wildlife that would not be able to survive without the help of the human being protecting the environment they live in. It is crucial that as a race we as a whole collective learn to protect each different environment in which we live. It is important that we make sure that the use of the environment is at minimal cost to the natural wildlife that live there. It is important that we try and also bring back specie’s of wildlife which are endangered, as by doing this it can even up the environmental levels and help to stop and reverse global warming.

By creating pieces of work that the human being can look at and also understand can help to make them think about their local environment and will hopefully help and encourage people to do something, to protect and look after the area in which they live. As a very well know food distributor says ‘every little helps’. If people can recycle, upcycle more items that have seen a better day, and give the item a new use, to make do and mend, as we did in the dark times of the word wars, all these things will help to heal the environment and protect it for future generations. Even just doing a simple garden and by adding plants which encourages wildlife and insects can help to prevent any more destruction of the planet and its natural resources, planting 3 trees when removing 1 will help to sustain the trees on the planet also, this will in turn help wildlife, insects and human being to live in harmony with each other and make it a better world to live in.

By helping, teaching and making others understand how important it is to improve the environment to the best of our abilities, this will in turn preserve and take care of it for future generations to enjoy and learn and to love and protect.

This is my proposal to do my small part in the fight to help our great specie’s survive and flourish, and live side by side in harmony.


I have now been back at college for a few weeks although i was ill for most of them i have been doing work from home. I am now working on not only paintings but textile pieces which at this moment in time are working very well. i have finished one piece for Inchmore Gallery and it will be displayed there along with the rest of the classes cd cases. I am looking forward to feedback from this as i really enjoyed creating the piece. over the next few months i will be posting more regularly as my course progresses. I am enjoying it and i have great friends old and new coming along for the ride. So keep an eye here as it will be changing really quiet frequently so don’t blink as u might miss something.