Some of the hand knitted items i have made

A few more toys small and medium in size,  i have finished over the last few months

img_20161004_124020img_20161004_165230A few more items i have been knitting over the last few months :

basic hand knitted hat hand knitted slouch hat knitted rat mr rat and miss mouse santa snowman

This is a few wee hand knitted items i have also made. I love working with wool and its a really relaxing hobby to have. I had never knitted anything bar¬†scarf’s¬†before so when i managed these items i was really¬†chuffed.

Photography of my own for inspiration

sunshine on the firthtree over alnessIMG_20150530_143656 30465_1369669239474_6584094_n 253223_10200402118473237_655482860_n 315900_2114094089630_6140019_n 528582_4107471282814_987298270_n 317236_2114114850149_1041664_n 540074_3344611851805_538961394_n 1526179_10202854907431428_3289832054526100534_n 923045_10202237718842099_815147661_n 1621942_10202626814809255_1737973484_n 1981815_10202854897631183_135752191325192295_n 10245494_10202855533847088_6676937137818355084_n 10259432_10202854901911290_6890256538936272177_n 12038097_10206536677913389_4289492129388617706_n 10322846_10202854892031043_2507035027004610381_n

The digital photographs you¬†can see are all my own work. As before nature is a big part of my inspiration. I love getting up early in winter to get the sunrise’s with their rich oranges and reds and also the beautiful winter sunsets with the same. I also enjoy walking and frequent my local river a lot, this is where I¬†have been able to get some stunning images as¬†I¬†listen to the world going by. The river draws me there and its a really good place to empty your head and just breath in the beauty. Some of these images were also taken on my mobile phone while I¬†was¬†travelling¬†on local transport I¬†was delighted with the outcome .

A few paintings and mixed media pieces I have completed recently.

finished kirsty IMG_20150921_231436 IMG_20150517_143228 IMG_20150616_185235 IMG_20150522_113831 IMG_20150522_113816 IMG_20150522_113823

As I have already said nature is my main inspiration for most of my work. Also the tree as it is the lungs of the world and we would be unable to live and breath without it. some of the above pieces are mixed media using different mediums to create each piece. I have used ink, paint, string and nails to create the group of three pieces to celebrate the tree. and materials such as felt , buttons, image transfer and felting wool to create the large image of a tree called end of an era, this piece is a montage of my 4 years in college, showing different years buildings and people, and in a way it is my way of saying goodbye to them all as i step out into the world as a fully fledged artist for the first time.


Some of the cushions i have handmade

IMG_20150601_225100 IMG_20150601_225125 IMG_20150605_094711 FB_IMG_1432717433786 lorraines cushion one side lorraines other side crochetted by hand purple two tone and white another cushion cushion purple and green duncans cushion

As you can see I have a thing about not only wool but tartan too. Most of my inspiration comes from the natural landscape as i love nature and all it has to offer. I enjoy making these items and the pleasure it gives to others. All of the above are hand made and my own designs also. I have enjoyed experimenting with different textures and materials to create the finished pieces.

Graduation 24th September 2015

me and lorraine graduation dayThis date will be in my memory for the rest of my life. It was a brilliant day spent with friends and family. Finally after 4 long years i graduated from college with a H.N.D. in Contemporary Art Practice. I feel very proud to have achieved my dream and i now wish to go on and do a degree in the same subject.  As a new Artist i now concentrate on commissions i have been asked to do and also i do a lot of crafting. I not only enjoy painting but i also enjoy making scatter cushions and knitting toys.

me lorraine and karen  IMG_20150924_085620Myself and my family who could make it and who being there just made the day more special and more memorable.